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Signature of Sahyadri

Signature of Sahyadri

Step into the pristine world of DEERA, and discover
the breathtaking magic of Sahyadri through its
rarest treasures, natural bounties, and herbal gems.

Step into the pristine world of DEERA, and discover the breathtaking magic of Sahyadri through its rarest treasures, natural bounties, and herbal gems.

Essence of
Western Ghats

Essence of Western Ghats

Having a deeper connect with nature,
and a renewed reverence for native wisdom,
DEERA helps you indulge in the riches
of the Western Ghats responsibly

Having a deeper connect with nature, and a renewed reverence for native wisdom, DEERA helps you indulge in the riches of the Western Ghats responsibly

Unveiling the rarest range

Born in the cradle of biodiversity, the majestic Western Ghats range, DEERA unveils the rarest and the most exquisite wellness range. Come, join the journey of discovery, indulge responsibly in the richness of nature's bounty with a promise to protect its unique ecosystem.


Signature of Sahyadri

An emerald crown gracing India's western shores, the Western Ghats Mountain range, known reverentially as Sahyadri, stands exalted as a UNESCO-anointed "Hottest Hotspot" of biodiversity. Within this blessed land lies the extraordinary realm of Deera – a brand that pays respect to nature's rare and exceptional gifts. With profound veneration for this ancient landscape and its unique floral tapestry, Deera has emerged as a pioneer, unveiling the remarkable bounty and herbal marvels nurtured by the Western Ghats across centuries.

Whispered to predate even the mighty Himalayas, the Sahyadri mountain range cradles many primordial tropical forests within its verdant embrace, sheltering an extraordinary array of endemic flora and fauna. The unique convergence of geography, climate, and geology renders this region a true ecological phenomenon, bestowing upon it the mantle of one of our planet's foremost biodiversity hotspots.

Our profound understanding of the Western Ghats' singular ecosystem has enabled us to unearth hidden gemstones – treasures cherished by indigenous communities for their medicinal, culinary, and spiritual significance. With an unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical stewardship, we ensure these precious resources are nurtured and preserved for generations to come. Honouring the richness, purity, and delicacy of this blessed land, each step is taken with meticulous care to preserve the pristine beauty and ecological equilibrium of this extraordinary landscape.


A biodiversity marvel

Exploring the Flora & Fauna of Western Ghats; Unveiling Exotic Herbs & Medicinal Plants

The Western Ghats stand as a beacon of biodiversity, teeming with a vibrant tapestry of flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth. Designated as a UNESCO hotspot, this ancient mountain range is a sanctuary of rare and exotic species thriving in its lush embrace.

DEERA celebrates the splendour of Western Ghats' biodiversity, offering a peek into its extraordinary ecosystem. From majestic forests to verdant valleys, every nook of this landscape is adorned with botanical wonders waiting to be discovered.

Our collection showcases the richness of the region, featuring exotic herbs and medicinal plants revered for their healing properties and cultural significance. With a profound respect for nature's abundance, DEERA honours the delicate balance of this ecosystem, ensuring each product preserves and protects the treasures of the Western Ghats for generations to come.


Preserving the riches

Upholding Traditions & Culture; Nurturing the Delicate Ecosystem; Embracing Native Wisdom

Understanding the significance of preserving the Western Ghats' treasures for posterity, DEERA's commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental stewardship to encompass the richness and diversity of the region's traditions and culture.

Through our products, we pay homage to the wisdom of the native communities safeguarding these lands. By promoting responsible consumption and passing on ancestral knowledge to the next generation, we ensure the legacy of the Western Ghats lives on.

Join us in the mission to conserve and protect this delicate ecosystem, embracing the wisdom of the past to forge a brighter future for all. Let DEERA be your partner in preserving the treasures of the Western Ghats, one mindful choice at a time.


The art of ghee making

In the heart of Sahyadri's lush embrace, amidst rolling landscapes and fertile pastures, roam the majestic native breed cows — guardians of a legacy as ancient as time itself. With a lineage steeped in tradition and a presence as enduring as the mountains that cradle them, these regal bovines graze upon the verdant bounty of the Western Ghats, nourished by nature's purest offerings.

From the graceful Vechur to the robust Kangeyam, each breed carries a unique heritage, infusing their milk with a distinct essence. Revered for their A2 milk, these noble creatures roam freely, their diet meticulously curated with sacred botanicals, imbuing their milk with unparalleled richness and vitality.

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A symphony of nature's finest honey

In the hidden groves of the Western Ghats, where sunlight dances through lush canopies and fragrant blooms scent the air, lies the secret kingdom of wild forest honey. Here, amidst nature's untouched splendor, wild bees embark on a mystical journey, collecting nectar from exotic blossoms that paint the landscape in vibrant hues.

DEERA's wild forest honey is more than a sweet indulgence; it is a symphony of nature's finest offerings, infused with botanical wonders. From the delicate floral notes of Rose to the earthy warmth of Turmeric, each jar is a treasure trove of flavour and wellness, capturing the essence of the Sahyadri's hidden gardens and ancient forests.

With each spoonful, immerse yourself in the richness and vitality of the Western Ghats, embracing the timeless wisdom and beauty that flows from its bounty.


Holistic wellness

Within our Health Range, DEERA offers a diverse selection of products designed to foster holistic well-being. At the heart of our offerings are a variety of oils, including Ghee, Coconut Oil, Groundnut Oil, Gingelly Oil, and Virgin Coconut Oil — crafted in accordance with Ayurvedic principles to nourish both body and spirit.

Complementing these oils are specialty rice varieties sourced from the fertile lands of the Western Ghats. From the robust Black Rice to the delicate Njavara Rice, each grain embodies the region's agricultural abundance, offering not just sustenance but a culinary journey through tradition and taste.

Explore further into our Health Range, and you'll encounter our Brews of Western Ghats –herbal infusions with black tea, carefully curated from indigenous botanicals. With every sip, experience the rejuvenating essence of the region's biodiversity, invigorating your senses and nurturing your inner vitality.